Personal Identification Number (PIN) Request Form

As a verification of identity to ensure confidentiality and entitlement to acccess, BC Assessment (BCA) assigns a PIN as a unique identifier. PINs are confidential and releasable to the owner of a property. BCA must confirm the identity of the requestor as being the owner before the PIN can be provided. The most common use of the PIN by property owners is as verification when subscribing to receive your assessment notice from BCA via epost™.

For privacy protection, a PIN will only be released over the phone after security questions have been answered. BCA reserves the right to withold any confidential information if it is not being requested by the true owner.

If you require a copy of your assessment notice or have any questions about your assessment, please use our Contact Us Form or call BCA at 1-866-valueBC (or 1-866-825-8322).

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